November 29, 2006

burnin' baby

this is a black construction paper cut-out (18"x24"), part of a collaborative project for my school arts class. the project deals with untold stories from american history. i am addressing the colonists' use of terrorism as a tactic by which they systematically focused attacks on unarmed innocents to forward their expansion of territory. this terror activity is very similar to the actions that our current administration is combating in our global war on terror.

November 27, 2006

November 25, 2006

after the burp castle

shauna's psychedelic cigar smoke-down

burp castle

with the family at the burp castle

November 20, 2006


this is the monkey hand puppet i'm working on. i still have to add my hair cut and sideburns, papier mache and paint.

highway drivin'

i was real scared to take the bocho over 55


don't be hatin' on me bocho cuz it's beautiful

November 18, 2006

big papi

look at this cute lil' mofo

November 16, 2006

Eyes on the Prize

This monkey knows what he wants.
Go on, get it boy.