December 24, 2007

merry christmas

i'm back again after a rather long hiatus. the end of the semester was pretty busy but it's finally over. the grades have started to come in and the early returns are positive. look out next year for furious blogjammin' action, and in the meantime enjoy these holiday images from everyone behind the scenes at blogjammin' headquarters:
and papi
now that i'm looking at it as i type, this picture of papi might be a little too sexy for a christmas greeting. damn man, put some pants on for the family christmas card.

November 23, 2007

old school gobblin'

the hand turkey was once a staple of the elementary school art classroom. i'm doing whatever i can to bring it back. enjoy this one, and treat the ones you love to a little hand turkey love next thanksgiving.

October 29, 2007

sox win! sox win! can you believe it, sox win!

well. actually yes, i can believe it. the sox seemed unstoppable, and as it turned out they were. i gave a little too much credit to that upstart rockies team - i guess i just wanted to see the sox win it at home. that didn't slow down the party or stop the champagne from being sprayed.these are some pictures of papi celebrating at home last night.luckily for everyone here at the third street complex our papi didn't spray anyone with anything.

October 23, 2007

viva los redsox

manny, snickers and big papi would like to cordially invite you to their world series party. its been a long season of watching baseball, but four bosox wins from now all of the hard work and sacrifice i put in will be worthwhile.
my predictions: bosox in 6, papelbon is the mvp.

October 9, 2007

student teaching

this is a picture of a tiny chair that i made during my student teaching up at the allen-stevenson school. i can't get enough of that wood shop.

September 12, 2007

summer wrap up part 1: contemplation nation

as always, i've been a lazy blogjamminer so i'm going do a little end of summer wrap up. teaching at art camp was great this summer, but best of all was the free time to explore my own artistic pursuits and contemplate the many ideas that swirl through my head like a large family of squirrels after the same nut. i don't have any pictures of me in contemplative action but these pictures of papi should serve as a decent reflection of the kind activity that took place.

summer wrap up part 2: arrgh matey!

while i failed for the second summer in a row to finish my pirate ship chandelier i did manage to make some nifty pirate crafts. some are finished products, and as so often is the case some are works in progress.this would be my flag if i was a pirate captain
a wooden pistola and a clay skull medallion i made at camp
this is a prototype of a chinese pirate hat i'm making for shauna

summer wrap up part 3: south o' the border

with its rich diversity of culture and landscape, these pictures barely do it justice, however between sips of tequila and slugs of beer i did my best to document the many colors of old mexico.

summer wrap up part 4: coney island high

labor day in coney islandhave you ever ridden the cyclone? no. would you like to? if so, you might want to ask yourself these follow ups: do you enjoy severe back pain? do you have health insurance? if you answered no to those last two, stay away.

summer wrap up part 5: if i build it she will paint

toward the end of the summer i found some time to get my build on
we built a loft and a rack for storing paintings in shauna's new studioearlier in the summer at camp i made this toolbox to help make the craftiness easier

August 15, 2007

finished pills


August 10, 2007

not my typical friday afternoon

people will do all sorts of things for money. if you had asked me a week ago if i would be solely responsible for the manufacture of four giant foam pill costumes for a pharmaceutical commercial it would have caused a double take. here i am however dressed up in the 50 mg prototype, the 100, 150 and 200 hundred will be rolling off of my personal assembly line tomorrow. check them out in a day or two.

August 2, 2007

nice beaver

at the breakneck pace that i'm painting at now, i just might make the one year anniversary of shauna's birthday. 4 of 6 down.

July 30, 2007

the ku klux klam

kennebunkport was wonderful. aside from a slightly disturbing - bush family loving - racist clam shack the whole weekend was aces. the beach was great...even a little saturday rain couldn't dampen our weekend, we came in from the hammock and brought our potter party inside. lovely. thanks heather.

July 25, 2007

lobster rolls... m*tha f*cka

off to maine this weekend. looking forward to a little vacation. when i get back i've got some new work to put up and some cute pictures from my summer camp to show.

July 6, 2007


3 0f 6...


the second in the series...

grizzly bear

this is the first of six animal paintings i hope to have finished by the end of the summer. they are a long overdue birthday(nov. 3) present for shauna. aren't the rules for that the same as a wedding present - one year to deliver the goods.

nice little summer so far

so its been a nice summer so far. quite a bit has happened and i've done some work i'm pretty excited about. it's all too many pictures for one post, so check in again soon and here's a good one from the fourth to tide you over.

May 22, 2007

i know it's been a while

sorry all, i know i've been slacking with the blog. the end of the school year was intense and i needed some decompression time afterward. i promise there's some good blogjammin' on the horizon. here are some self-portraits from the end of last semester to whet your whistle till i get the new stuff up.

April 1, 2007

happy birthday papi

just thought everyone should know to watch out, papi enters is terrible two's today.

go bosox

opening day 2007. the predictions are simple this year: 1) the sox win the series, 2) papi is once again a hero and 3) this monkey flings poo - hopefully in arod's direction.

March 18, 2007

back to school

as i get ready to head back to school, the mind has begun to wander to what could have been had i not gone to nyu.