April 26, 2009

red sox yankees part 3

nine brooms for the nine games in the home-stand sweep. the sox swept the yankees tonight, won nine in a row at home and ten in a row overall. oh, and jacoby ellsbury stole home. delicious.

red sox yankees part 2

well, the sox prevailed again. there was about a dozen lead changes in the game, it was the sixth longest 9 inning regular season game ever and the sox came back from a 6-0 deficit to win 16 to 11. the animated corpse of jason varitek hit a grand slam and the terrier had six rbi in the win. the sunday game starts after eight, lets hope i can make it through. go sox

April 25, 2009

red sox yankees part 1

it's no secret to anyone that jimmy likes his baseball. what jimmy really, really likes is some red sox yankees baseball. last night was the first of eighteen games that will be played between these two teams during the regular season. watching sox games in the yankees tv market is always bittersweet; i get to see my team play, but i'm also forced to listen to the y.e.s. network announcers. every time i hear michael kay speak i throw up a little bit in my mouth. last nights game featured this over-hyped - and over-fed - "athlete" pitching for the yankees: it was really the worst sort of game for about three and a half hours, the yankees getting a gifty call, joba pitching lousy but still weaseling his way out of trouble with four double plays and the red sox just looking lousy with the bats. if i had a temper i would have thrown something. then the magic happened; in the ninth inning, down by two runs with two outs and youk on base "new manny" jason bay came in to face mo rivera - arguably the games greatest closer. before i get into what happened, it is worth taking a moment to talk about "new manny". sure i loved manny back in the day but his antics, lazy baseball play and all-around doucheyness eventually meant he had to go and he was replaced with bay. this is manny in the field: and this was "new manny" last night: this is manny standing at home plate after a home run celebrating himself: and "new manny": back to last nights game - two outs, one on, down by two runs and jason bay crushed a home run off mo to tie the game. he quietly rounded the bases - so canadian - not even smiling - not because he wasn't having a good time - but because, as he later explained, "Until you win the game, it's really hard to jump up and down and get all excited about anything..." he almost looked like he felt bad for rivera. in the eleventh inning youk hit a walk-off home run against demaso marte, a pitcher not so good like mo. youk was not afraid to celebrate: with the game now over even "new manny" enjoyed the moment "...once Youk hit that ball, it was a relief and we could enjoy it a little more, winning that game makes all the difference in the world in enjoying it." and if you enjoy youk's beard you will definitely enjoy beardoftruth.com. till part 2 tomorrow...

April 21, 2009

ice cream social

this year has not been kind to my blogging output; first i was working too much to stay consistent, now i'm finding myself in a bit of a creative rut. lucky for me i had the raw material to post about a kick-ass ice cream social i had with heather and shauna two weeks back because truth-be-told i don't find anything else quite as inspiring as ice cream. we had some nice weather so we were cruising j.c. in our bocho when we came across torico's homemade ice cream parlor. they have a deal where you can sample eight single scoops of different flavors. we all took it very seriously, sampling each flavor, rinsing between bites and ranking our choices. the flavors in play were chocolate chunk, chocolate chip mint, cinnamon, coffee, dulce de leche, vanilla peanut butter, butter pecan and coconut joy.you can see shauna's final rankings next to our empty cups.all told just a wonderful experience. they advertise having sixty flavors, i think i'll keep it up until i've tried them all.

April 12, 2009


sometimes i come across this sort of thing when searching for images. just super!

April 7, 2009


this painting was hanging on the wall of my house throughout my childhood:i fancy myself the artistic type and i went to film school so one would figure i have at least decent powers of observation. for the purpose of this post most importantly i love cute furry animals so how is it that i missed out on this:it wasn't until my most recent trip home that shauna pointed that little guy out to me. i'm so disappointed in myself. it might be time to reevaluate this whole artist thing. how can i teach children to appreciate art when that super-magical squirrel was right in front of my face for all those years without me ever noticing. alas, i'm forced to lament the lost time we could have spent together.

April 6, 2009

opening day

sorry i've been so absent again. I've got some good stuff to post soon; some fun drawings from when shauna and i were stranded in the airport in carolina, a video of papi giving me a bath and some pics from an ice cream social we had with heather. for today i just wanted to acknowledge that the baseball season has begun. the sox got rained out, but the yankees newest - and fattest - pitcher got shelled so not a bad day all around. see you tomorrow.