October 29, 2007

sox win! sox win! can you believe it, sox win!

well. actually yes, i can believe it. the sox seemed unstoppable, and as it turned out they were. i gave a little too much credit to that upstart rockies team - i guess i just wanted to see the sox win it at home. that didn't slow down the party or stop the champagne from being sprayed.these are some pictures of papi celebrating at home last night.luckily for everyone here at the third street complex our papi didn't spray anyone with anything.

October 23, 2007

viva los redsox

manny, snickers and big papi would like to cordially invite you to their world series party. its been a long season of watching baseball, but four bosox wins from now all of the hard work and sacrifice i put in will be worthwhile.
my predictions: bosox in 6, papelbon is the mvp.

October 9, 2007

student teaching

this is a picture of a tiny chair that i made during my student teaching up at the allen-stevenson school. i can't get enough of that wood shop.