August 18, 2009

too damn hot

it has come to this... i hate the heat and humidity.

August 14, 2009

celebrating 6 years of pure bliss for shauna... a.k.a. love is nice

shauna and i have been dating for six years today. i made this little drawing for her from a picture taken the day we were engaged. such a super lady!

August 4, 2009


this is not the way i had originally planned on crafting this post but here goes; it was really supposed to be all about how papi had finally discovered the kitty house i made for him last summer. you may remember it as the one that i built out of wood, painted and then wallpapered. my sister knit a blanket for him to lay on while he lounged in his sweet little tudor abode. much like the old house however, papi never visits it until the temperature hits about 85 degrees. we have always joked that it's his summer house. after almost a year papi has finally taken up residency:all i can say is thank goodness his house is dry because 93 mercer apartment 2 is not. there was a flood from the apartment above today. shauna's closet took the brunt of it. thankfully there weren't any catastrophic damages. soldier on