September 12, 2007

summer wrap up part 1: contemplation nation

as always, i've been a lazy blogjamminer so i'm going do a little end of summer wrap up. teaching at art camp was great this summer, but best of all was the free time to explore my own artistic pursuits and contemplate the many ideas that swirl through my head like a large family of squirrels after the same nut. i don't have any pictures of me in contemplative action but these pictures of papi should serve as a decent reflection of the kind activity that took place.

summer wrap up part 2: arrgh matey!

while i failed for the second summer in a row to finish my pirate ship chandelier i did manage to make some nifty pirate crafts. some are finished products, and as so often is the case some are works in progress.this would be my flag if i was a pirate captain
a wooden pistola and a clay skull medallion i made at camp
this is a prototype of a chinese pirate hat i'm making for shauna

summer wrap up part 3: south o' the border

with its rich diversity of culture and landscape, these pictures barely do it justice, however between sips of tequila and slugs of beer i did my best to document the many colors of old mexico.

summer wrap up part 4: coney island high

labor day in coney islandhave you ever ridden the cyclone? no. would you like to? if so, you might want to ask yourself these follow ups: do you enjoy severe back pain? do you have health insurance? if you answered no to those last two, stay away.

summer wrap up part 5: if i build it she will paint

toward the end of the summer i found some time to get my build on
we built a loft and a rack for storing paintings in shauna's new studioearlier in the summer at camp i made this toolbox to help make the craftiness easier