May 27, 2009

fuzzy balls

look out tennis world, shauna and i have taken to the hard court. after a marathon three day session of play in some summer heat we're taking a few days to recover before we hit the courts again this weekend. look out mr. jiggles, yer goin' down! - for those not in the know mr. jiggles is the name of my gut.

May 18, 2009

gail watching

in what could best be described as a redux of the koched! post from a couple of months back i was able to surreptitiously snap a photo of shauna with a sort-of celebrity; this time it was top chef's pudgy judgy gail simmons at bar pitti in the west village. one day someone is going to catch me in the act and knock me out.

May 14, 2009

labia sebucula

labia sebucula, or "lip sweater" for those of you not versed in latin. no doubt you've all noticed a pretty steep decline in my may posting totals. my knee jerk reaction would be "hey, i've been busy, doing a little more teaching than usual, i just don't have as much time for crafts and such that i used too have". that sentiment might be disingenuous. i think the real problem might be my clean shaven face. since the "lip sweater" went away i'm not feeling as inspired or clever as i once did. maybe it's one of those samson kinda deals. no worries all, i'll find my drive again.i refuse to remain moxie free. keep checking in and i'll keep trying to entertain; and here's one more look for the road: oh how i miss you my old friend. r.i.p.

May 10, 2009

word to my mutha!

happy mother's day mom, thanks for all your mumly ways