July 27, 2009

birdhouses part 2

here is a first look at tiny town. there are 9 houses, 1 nesting box and 1 bird table in all. i'm in the process of priming them all for painting. i'll give them their individual due as i complete them. for now enjoy them in their raw woody goodness.

July 23, 2009

montauk part 3... birdhouses part 1

shortly before leaving for montauk shauna and i were brainstorming for ideas on how to get our craft on. we decided it would be super keen if i made birdhouses. while we were on the beach i started collecting odd bits of driftwood and detached pieces of storm-fencing and i was able to turn some of those collected scraps into these tiny avian abodes. this is a normal old bird house:and this is a tiny house that could serve no practical purpose except for heightening the adorability of any room it graced.more to come...

July 22, 2009

montauk part 2

summer camp is over and i can once again get back to blogging. for all of the blogjammin' readers who have patiently waited out this latest blogging hiatus i will reward you all with a little skin at the end of this post, but for now on with montauk part 2:these are a couple of pics from our day at the beach:this is shauna doing a super cute little landscape painting of the scene above while we were hanging out in the sand:you can click here to see the finished paintings. and here is that skin you were all promised:i'm pretty sure i already regret posting a shirtless picture of myself on the internet. i invite you to post your best hairy, tubby breast jokes in the comment section.

July 5, 2009

4th of july

i'll return to the montauk - yeah, i know we were there like a month ago - posts, and there is a ton of recent craft work to show off but first a couple of pics from the fourth of july. here's a pic of shauna risking a blow-up from heather - she's a fire-cracker - with her middle-finger shennanigins: we were fortunate to be able to see the j.c. fireworks from our vantage point: as well as the n.y.c. show: finally here's a nice shot of papi and his always exposive behavior:blammo!