October 24, 2008

i blogged a pie

i'm going to take a break from the papi sketches today - i'll get back to the comic book on monday with further details about the the direction it will be taking. when i first conceived of this blog it was supposed to be all about pie: pictures of pies, celebrity pie recipes, baking pies and of course racy pictures of the pillsbury doughboy and sara lee. then it got all arts and craftsy with monkey pictures and a thousand snap-shots of papi. well i'm taking it back to the beginning today. this is a picture of the first pie i've ever baked:it's apple. i've got a few things to work out, the filling is a bit apple-saucy but it still tastes nice. so golden-brown and delicious. the wooden implement at the bottom of the picture is a tool i made in the allen-stevenson wood shop for pulling racks out of a hot oven. hope this inspires some readers to get out there and bake. the world could always use more pie.

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