November 14, 2008

papi's new home

when shauna and i moved to jersey city a few months ago we radically upgraded our living situation. it only seemed fair that papi should be treated to some new accommodations as well. you may remember that i built his old house out of cardboard. it took a beating over time - papi had a taste for that particular cardboard - so i decided to go with wood on his new house. hopefully he won't chew his way through this one. this house was built last august one day up at the allen-stevenson wood shop. it has to be painted; i'm still trying to settle on a fun design or color scheme so if anyone has any ideas please share them with me in the comments section. heather, in an attempt to make papi the most spoiled cat of all time knit him the little blanket under his paw to cuddle up on in the new crib.


Sommar said...

You should make it look like a brothel.... The Cathouse.

Anonymous said...

Pete is gonna be so jealous!