November 4, 2008

shauna's birthday birds

every year i like to try to make something for shauna's birthday. this year i was inspired by a collection of carved wooden bird pins i saw in the book the art of gaman by delphine hirasuna. the book focuses on arts and crafts that were made by japanese american prisoners of u.s. internment camps during world war 2. the birds in the book were carved out of scrapwood, painted, lacquered and then fitted with a safety pin. I have been interested in animal dioramas for a while so rather than making a pin i decided to carve 5 different birds and set them up on a fallen branch i found in the lawn in front of jersey city hall. we hung the branch in the living room. i'm very pleased with how it turned out.

1 comment:

Susanna said...

i love the birdies-
they are so beautiful!